26, Sep 2022
How To Earn From Flowbazeads Refferal Program

FAQ about Flowbazeads Refferal Program

1) How Do I Earn?..

To Make money from

The Referral, All you need is to have an account with Flowbazeads Ads If you haven’t Kindly Signup 👇https://ads.flowbazeads.com/join..If you already have An Account Kindly Login 👇 https://ads.flowbazeads.com/login

2) What Next??

Login to Your Account, Go to The Menu Section, Under Referrals..There you can find your Unique Refferal link.

3) How do I Invite People??

You can Share your referral Link to your Blogger Friends on social media, you can Share your link on bloggers group you belong, You can make a post on your social handle about Flowbazeads and attach your referral link..

Another good way, You can Write a Review about Flowbazeads on your website and Attach your link…

4) How do I Monitor my Referrals??

Flowbazeads Has Very Nice and Wonderful Interface, From your Refferal section in your Account, You will see Any Website that Signed up under you.

5) How can I check money my Refferals Earned

All Percentage You Earned from your Refferals will be paid to you weekly, if it amounts to the minimum threshold,

Note you can only be able to see the amount you got from someone you refered after the person must have been paid..

6)What Should I do to Increase My Refferal Earning??

Is Simple!!!

Invite More Bloggers to use Flowbazeads Network, Guide them setup Ads on there Site and You start Earning!!

The More Refferals you have the more money you make !!!

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Reach Minimum Threshold and Get Your payment 💰💰💰💰*Official Website* 👇https://flowbazeads.com/Login via*👇https://ads.flowbazeads.com/login*Register*👇https://ads.flowbazeads.com/join

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